Charlie Goodnight "His Life in Poetry and Song"

Companion to Andy Wilkinson's hit show! CD included.
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Andy Wilkinson introduces more about the legendary Charlie Goodnight, who became a scout for the Texas Rangers, helped blaze the famous Goodnight-Loving Trail, and invented the chuckwagon among other acts of a successful life well-lived on the frontier of the American West. "His was a life forged in the nexus of sweeping changes, fed by a practical intelligence and an obstinate curiosity, shaped by a fierce and unconfused morality.

The book and its writings of poetry and lyrics are inspired, sure to give insight into Charlie Goodnight and his family (author Wilkinson is related in that his "great-grand mother's great-uncle" was Goodnight), and the love and admiration this man engendered is obvious. The CD includes:

A Songwriter's Prayer (read by Wilkinson) * Son of Charlie Goodnight * Come With Me (read by Wilkinson) * Song of the Trinity * All That Cities Have Forgot * I Come For The River * A Sadly-scripted Part (read by Byron Price) * White Woman's Clothes * Of Men and Vision (read by Byron Price) * Crossing the Pecos * The Pecos, From Castle Gap (read by Wilkinson) * An Eye On The Boss * Charlie Goodnight's Barn (read by Wilkinson) * Song for Molly, Mary Ann * Charles Goodnight, First Looking Into Palo Duro Canyon (read by Wilkinson) * Power In The Wind * Horseback on the Llano Estacado (read by Wilkinson) * A Woman's Life * Driving At Night On The Plains (read by Wilkinson) * Standing Deer's Lament * A Kingdom Of The Cowboy Tribe (read by Byron Price) * Palo Duro Farewell * Put Your Kodak Up! (read by Emily Wilkinson) * The Last Buffalo Hunt * Haley Taking Notes (read by Byron Price) * Voices From The Grave * Like Most Men Breathed (read by Byron Price) * I Want My Coffee Black * Saddlin' Up Time (reac by J.B. Allen)

An all-star list of artists heard on the CD with Andy Wilkinson (acoustic guitar, lead vocals) are - in alphabetical order: Don Caldwell, wooden flute; Joe Carr, mandolin; Kerry Ford, harmony vocal; Brian Griffin, vocals; R.W. Hampton, vocals; Rusty Hudelson, accordian; Brian Maines, lead vocal; Donnie Maines, percussion instruments; Kenny Maines, harmony vocals; Lloyd Maines, acoustic guitar, dobro and acoustic bass; La Tronda Maines-Moyers, harmony vocal; Alan Munde, banjo; Buck Ramsey, acoustic guitar, fingernails, lead vocals; Joe Stephenson, fiddle; Rod Taylor, vocals.


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