Red Rock Rondo - DVD

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Red Rock Rondo ~ Zion Canyon Song Cycle on DVD spans 150 years beginning with the settlement of the Virgin River Valley by Mormon pioneers in the 19th century, to the founding of Zion National Park in the 20th century, to modern times when artists and urban refugees come to find their own piece of paradise.

The Song Cycle is performed on a lively assortment of folk and classical instruments for ten new songs interwoven with the winds of local residents whose stories inspired composer Phillip Bimstein. Extras: two songs not seen on the TV show, and The Making of Red Rock Rondo. Filmed live in and around Zion National Park.

Red Rock Rondo is Harold Carr (upright bass, spoken word), Charlotte Bell (oboe, English horn), Kate MacLeod (vocals, violin, guitar), Flavia Cerviño-Wood (violin), Hal Cannon (vocals, mandolin, mandocello, banjo, harmonica, accordian, jaw harp), and Phillip Bimstein (vocals, guitar, composer).

Close captioned and subtitled in English.  READ MORE about Red Rock Rondo.

Customer Review:

(Five stars)

"This is an outstanding program. Phillip Bimstein wrote some marvelous songs that are performed by fine musicians. The historical and present sense of Zion and the town of Springdale are captured and presented in a charming, folksy music video. I didn't realize that Hal Cannon was such an accomplished musician and singer. This dvd is a real treat. "-- Richard Sturm, May 2009


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