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Deep West Videos 2007 - DVD
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Deep West Videos 2007 - DVD


Deep West Videos continue to tell first hand-stories from the rural West, rooted in the values of life on the land. Using the tools of digital communication, these homemade productions are simple yet elegant, not the glossy features produced by professional filmmakers. The 2007 Deep West Videos DVD features:

Highway Mythology, (6:10) by Robin Boies
Life is a Four Letter Word, (4:09) by Linda Hussa and Madeleine Blake
50 Years of Brand Inspecting: a Peek at Harry Peters' Job, (5:21) by Cheryl Turner
A Dream Come True: A Buckaroo's Story, (4:20) by Cheryl Turner
Turning to Face the Wind, (5:21) by Jane Morton
Making West Home: A Basque Country Journey, (8:09) by Linda and Carolyn Dufurrena
The Journey of a Cowboy Saddlemaker, (5:22) by Cindi Nash
The Facts of Wife, (1:34) by Peter Church
The Burn, (4:45) by Peter Church
Story Machines, (10:55) by Kristin Windbigler

Deep West videos are produced by Hal Cannon and Taki Telonidis of the Western Folklife Center


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