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Cowboy Poetry: A Gathering
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Cowboy Poetry: A Gathering


Of this small in size but packed-to-the-limit poetry book, Time magazine's Michael Riley wrote: "Most cowboy poems speak of real events and people, from ... cagey cows to old Stetson hats. Although they focus on the ordinary stuff of life, their truths ... seem no less eternal than those penned by William Shakespeare. Some cowboy poems are bust-a-gut funny; ... most carry an honest, primitive power."

A volume packed with classic, traditional and new cowboy poetry from some of the best, and includes these selections: Allen McCanless (The Cowboy's Soliloquy); Gail Gardner (The Sierry Petes, the Dude Wrangler); S. Omar Barker (Rain on the Range, Bear Ropin' Buckaroo, Jack Potter's Courtin'); Larry Chittendon (The Cowboy's Christmas Ball); T.J. McCoy (Alkali Pete Hits Town); Eugene Ware (The Blizzard); D.J. O'Malley (D-2 Horse Wrangler); James Barton Adams (The Cowboy's Dance Song); Bruce Kiskaddon (That Little Blue Roan, When They've Finished Shipping Cattle in the Fall, The Cowboy's Dream, The Old Night Hawk); Henry Herbert Knibbs (Boomer Johnson); Curley Fletcher (The Strawberry Roan, The Flyin' Outlaw, The Cowboy's Prayer); Badger Clark (A Cowboy's Prayer); Nyle A. Henderson ("Bueno" Which in Spanish Means Good, How Many Cows?); Carlos Ashley (Ol' Edgar Martin); Georgie Sicking (How To Be a Top Hand, Old Tuff); Jon Bowerman (for Jeff, Tribute to Freckles and Tornado); Howard Norskog (Grey's River Roundup); Waddie Mitchell (The Book, The Throw-Back); Ernie Fanning (One Red Rose, The Vanishing Valley); Jesse Smith (Saturday Night in Woody); Buck Wilkerson (Saddle Tramp); Bob Schild (The Kid Solos, Two of a Kind); Jim Hofer (Matching Green Ribbon); Baxter Black (A Time to Stay-A Time to Go, The Big High and Lonesome); Charles A. Kortes (Poets Gathering 1985); Nick Johnson (Greasin' the Miles, Dudes); Linda Ash (Bellerin' and Bawlin'); Bill Lowman (The Great Wanagan Creek Flood); Ross Knox (So Long, Easy Chairs and Saddle Sores, The Dying Times); Don Ian Smith (Old Horse); Melvin L. Whipple (Open Range, Voices in the Night); Lucky Whipple (Chookaloski Mare, Buckin' Horse Ballet); Gordon Eastman (Buckskin Flats); Duane Reece (No Imposter); Harold Otto (Cows and Logs); Vern Mortensen (Range Cow in Winter); R.O. Munn (Young Fellers); Drummond Hadley (Gathering Cattle in the Deertracks Pasture); Dick Gibford (The Old Cowman, Cowboy's Toast, The Last Buckaroo); Bill Simpson (The Glow, Like it Or Not); Barney Nelson (Cowboy's Favorite); Jim Bollers (Fill Up Those Glasses Bartender); Owen Barton (Early Morning Roundup, My Ol' Stetson); Don Bell (Going to the Shawnee Rodeo); Wallace McRae (Reincarnation, The Lease Hound); Vess Quinlan (Spring); and these following classic poems written anonymously: The Zebra Dun, The Gol-Darned Wheel, Silver Jack, Windy Bill, Murph and McClop, Silver Bells and Golden Spurs, Hell in Texas.

Illustrations by: Fred Lambert, from Bygone Days of the Old West, Lewis E. Wallis, from Wade Lane's book of poems, Cowboy Meditation, and back cover book logo from Songs of the Cowboys, 2nd Edition (1921) by Jack Thorp.

(1985) Edited and Introduced  by Hal Cannon, published by Gibbs Smith Inc.


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