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Still Rhymin' on the Range, by Mike Puhallo
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Still Rhymin' on the Range, by Mike Puhallo


Mike Puhallo and Brian Brannon put their pens to paper again following the success of Rhymin' on the Range! Joined by award-winning cowboy cartoonist Wendy Liddle, Still Rhymin' offers readers another look into the lives of real cowboys with simple and sincere poems that range from humorous to heartbreaking. Includes:

Freedom * Home from the Mountains * The Guide * Advice * New to the North * Bugs * Ze Best Cook of Ze Vildness * Un Control * Ice and Stone * Dylan's Candle * The Guide's Dilemma * My Place * Fast * The Bear * Old Blue * Water Wagon * Requiem for NR * Cowboy Arteest * Borrowed Horses * Goofy * One Shot McLean * Wondering Where the Lions Are * Apostle of the Pack String * Deb Copenhaver's Cafe * Political Haze * A Name Taking * Family Tree * Children of the Soil * A Clean Getaway


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