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Rhymes on the Range, by Mike Puhallo
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Rhymes on the Range, by Mike Puhallo


Cowboy poet Mike Puhallo gets together with fellow poet Brian Brannon and artist Wendy Liddle for a collection of poetry that will take you into the life of Canada's genuine working cowboys. You'll smell the stench of burning hair at the branding fire and welcome the fragrance of coffee on a campfire during'll hear the music of spurs jingling in stirrups as a cowboy rides by, and the call of a coyote as you drift off to sleep in your bedroll.  Includes:

Sage and Pine * Ridin' with Mike * Bryn * Daddy's Little Cowboy * The Outfitter * B.S. * Poly-ticks * Retirement * Copey * The Man in The Moon * The Leppy * Cinnamon * Since 1888 * The Banker * Not Another Bear Roping Story * Ode to Old Rusty * The Creature * A Brush with a Hair Brush * The Farrier * Grandfather's Diary * Cornwall Fox Hunt * Dan George * Quesnel Lake * Kenny Mclean * The Fate of Shanty Cleer


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