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Mike Puhallo
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Mike Puhallo "Smarten Up and Put Your Hat Back On" CD


Canadians Mike Puhallo and Mike Johnson collaborate with cowboy poetry and western music on this great CD. "Smarten Up and Put Your Hat Back On" includes:

She's Only a Dream (Johnson) * Keep the West Alive (Puhallo) * A Cowboy's Valentine (Puhallo) * When the Last Calf Hits the Ground (Johnson) * Babies (Puhallo) * Cinnamon (Puhallo) * Sacred Orb (Puhallo) * Foundation of Stone (Johnson) * Around The Pen (Puhallo) Jose' Tresierra (Puhallo) * Kenny McLean Tribute (Puhallo) * Put Your Hat Back On (Johnson) * Try (Puhallo) * Driftin On (Johnson) * Quietly Canadian (Puhallo) * Canada Is (Puhallo) * A Different Shade of Blue (Johnson) * Home From Winter Range (Puhallo) * A Cowboy's Christmas (Puhallo) * Jump Start Your Day (Puhallo) * A Cowboy's Guide to Gravity (Puhallo) * A Cowboy Is (Johnson) * Not Another Bear Roping Story? (Puhallo) * In The Beginning (Puhallo) * Right Outside Your Window (Johnson) Old Limpy (Puhallo) * The Smartest Man in the Cariboo (Puhallo) * Ode to Robbie Burns (Puhallo) * Vancover Island Round-Up (Puhallo) * Like…Wow, Man (Puhallo) * The Art of Hurling Defecation (Puhallo)



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