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Meadow Muffins, by Mike Puhallo
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Meadow Muffins, by Mike Puhallo


Meadow Muffins: Cowboy Rhymes and Other B.S. is a collection of poems and cartoons designed to entertain and offer a form of modern folklore. As always, Mike Puhallo's rhymes are down-to-earth, honest and funny, ranging from the sensitive to the ridiculous: real stories in prose of today's West. Wendy Liddle's cartoons continue to capture the essence of each poem in her award-winning way.  Guest poets are included:

Meadow Muffins * Cowboy Poet? * To Butcher a Rose * The Man My Sister Married (by Kathy Schneider) * The Westerner (by David Longworth) * Keep the West Alive * March Nights * A Late Spring * Friday, the Uh-Oh * Planning Ahead * The Price of Respectability * Sasquatch Hunt * Midnight Revelation * The Armchair Cowboy (by Kathy Schneider) * Signs of...Are You Sure This is February? * Canada Goosed * A Ranch Wife's Advice * The Valley * A Kaleidoscope of Time (by W.H. Stewart) * Poor Choices * Whose Lies? * May First * Lies, Legends and Road Apples * Just a Yodelin' Cowboy * Ode to a Mule * Still Kickin' * Winter Sports * Hay Fever * Calving Time * Ode to McQueen Creek * Schedules * What Next? * Canada Day? * El Niño * Conservation? * The Look (by David Longworth) * Shadow Camp * Adios John * Jack's Favorite Song * A Pioneer (by W.H. Stewart) * Life of a Cowpony (by Gordon Wilson)


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