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Can't Stop Rhymin' on the Range, by Mike Puhallo
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Can't Stop Rhymin' on the Range, by Mike Puhallo


This book will be enjoyed by anyone who has ever dreamt of ten-gallon hats and little dogies, as Canadian poets Mike Puhallo and Brian Brannon pen more cowboy poetry and Wendy Liddle provides wonderful and whimsical art.  Includes:

Call Me a Fool * Of Leather, Hemp and Wood * Reg Kesler's Hat * Shovel Pass * The Stirrup * The Stone * Ray Anderson * Brian * Tommy * the Wild McLeans * Tyson * Peppy San and Jack Drake * Jerry * Humility * Wild Rags and Silver Hooks * Song of the Night Owl * Chilcotin Skunk * It's Hard to Finger Them Bears * Herd Instinct * Groomin' Gizmos * Ode to Round Bales * The Long and the Short of It * Wapiapi Gap * Down on the Tchaikazuan * East or West * Wolves * The Tchaikazuan * Home * Cowboy Confusion * Chorres * Carpe Diems


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