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My Sister Mariah, by Lyn Messersmith
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My Sister Mariah, by Lyn Messersmith


Subtitled "The Journal of a Windwalker," this book is a chronicle of days, thoughts, ideas and stories begining with January, and "Venturing Out." Along the way, author Lyn Messersmith - who claims to be a purveyor of horse sense, nonsense and occasional wisdom - shares her life with words. An excerpt from August: Moving Right Along ~ Time Warp: "Sometimes it's the magic of memories that motivates us to move ahead."

January: Venturing Out * February: Matters of the Heart * March: Against the Wind * April: Home Improvement * May: What's the Message? * June: Crying for a Vision * July: Seize the Moment * August: Moving Right Along * September: Class is Now in Session * October: Crossings * November: Footwork * December: Coming Home


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