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Write Tough!, by Peggy Godfrey
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Write Tough!, by Peggy Godfrey


Peggy writes from a lifetime of working with animals, ranching, and western influences. Illustrations are by Susan Kemenyffy. The poems, stories and memories included are:

Ask Me * Domestic Violence * Jaguar * Storyteller * Black Lake * Night Shift * Performance...As Snowmelt * Two Storms * "Greater love hath no one..." * My Grief * Owl Story * "Poets are the canyons..." * Who is Jason? * Robert * Not All of Us Are corn Plants * Garden Club Violence: Transplanting Hollyhocks * Love at 47 * Class Reunion * Rustlin' * Cowboy Shepherd * "Clay when formed and fired gains useful strength..." * Teacher * Many Ways of Loving - Longing * Many Ways of Loving - Dance With Fear * Wings of Silver * For Julie * "Death's pale face..." * Babies Having Babies * Kinda Like Dancing * Bitter-Sweet Choices * Thoughts of Leaving the Land * Basic Cow Sense for Greenhorns * Loading the One-Eyed Cow * What Has Three Legs and No Respect? * Out of Control * Refrigerator * Trail Mix * Lumpy Ground * A Good Melt * Fruitless Labor * Falling in Love * Changing of the Guard * Peggy Memorial Half-Day Wage * A Bumper Tale * Clues for Breakfast * Ya Gotta Do It * River of Life * My Home Sweet Home, Moffat CO * Moffat Messenger * The Hawks * Drag Rider's Lament * The New Fac * Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way * "In the darkness of my tent..." * Differences * "I am an eagle and I've been set free..." * "Relatives of folks I worked for..." * Tough Times for a Rock


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