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Extra 'n' Ordinary, by Peggy Godfrey
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Extra 'n' Ordinary, by Peggy Godfrey


More poetry, musings and stories from Peggy Godfrey in Two Parts! Cover photo by Vince Hovley, S.J.

Part One: Wild Raspberries * "In the 1970's I purchased a honey-colored heifer..." * What Now? * Raising Sheep in Colorado * Finding Treasures * Old Dogs, New Tricks * Prayers of a Guard Dog * Shepherd Things * Musings of a Post-Conventional Revolutionary * To Resolve or Not To Resolve * Noah Days * Let's Craft Our Unity * Nectarine Meditation * Confessions * Meditations * Dogies * If God is the Fire * "Who sees the butterfly fluttering..." * God Has Been the Woman * Not Your Usual Night Light * "Drip, Drip, Drip..." * Partners * Middle School * "This aching in my chest..." * "As I was returning home..." * Over lunch the interim priest..." * A spiritual director is not a travel agent..." * "Sometimes telling you something..." * "You know how it is to crave potato chips..." * Who's Gonna Be My Soul Friend * Ditches * "Prayer is a lubricant..." * New Neighbors * "As I headed up Poncha Pass..." * What in the World is Spiritual Direction * "The difference between..."

Part Two: Cochetopa Musings * Story of Ewe #2 * Autumn Poems: Drought ~ Autumn * No Going Back * "One morning in the autumn..." * Noticed * Banana Bread * A Shepherd's Gift * Spring is Here When the Drag is By The Gate * Stories About Vogal Sanglin, My Neighbor 1988-1998 * "In 1998 I was appointed..." * David * One of My Favorite Teachers * Moving Toward the Light * Parasites * Becoming A Shepherd * Times are Changing in the West *


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