Dennis Gaines "Hapless Trails To You" DVD

Filmed Live! At the Diamond W.
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Pure cowboy humor, authentic and mostly full rhyme. Watching former working cowboy Dennis Gaines in action is great fun as he shares poems and stories (tall, true, or...a tad embellished) of his beloved and well-known West. If you've never been a cowboy, watching this video will give you a hint of the life ~ if you have, you'll be re-living some interesting moments.

In order of appearance:

Ty Murray, Eat Your Heart Out * The Roundup * Trouble's a Bruin * The Undisputed, Heavyweight, Calf-Rasslin' Champeen of the World * Cowboy Coonhunt * Fleeting Glory * Palpation Altercation

Dennis is joined on this video by: Hays County Gals and Pals "Hittin' The Trail Tonight" and "Happy Trails to You"

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(1999) TeePee City Productions


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