Prairie Song, by DW Groethe

"A Meander of Memory"
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DW Groethe fans will be glad to see this compilation of "new and used" poems! This Montana ranch hand is a favorite at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering and continues to perform his eclectic assortment of poems and tunes at other festivals as well. Experience DW Groethe in our Ranch Rhymes podcast archives and on our YouTube channel.

Prairie Song * Stone in the Wall * April 30 * Mid-June * Somewhere in the Night * When I Was a Child * My Mother's Quilt * The Moth * On the Edge of Town * 5 a.m. * Dregs of Memory * Words * When the Waltz Lilts * A Moment at the Fair * Morning Coffee * Motes * The Fledgling * I Dreamt of Hawks * Will-o-the-Wisp * Pan's Respite * The Ritual * Windbreak Nails * Frustration * On a Wheatfield in July * Killin the Wind * Bunch Quitter * September * Tired * Burnt Dust * My Grandfather's Heart * Autumn * Ingvar * October * November 24 * Skoal * Solstice (Deep) * Moonsong

From A Charlie Creek Christmas & Other Wint'ry Tales of the West (2000)
A Charlie Creek Christmas * Winter 1903 * Out My Window

From West River Waltz: Western Poetry (2006)
West River Waltz * Down by the Willows * Fifty a Day * A Little Thing About Creepin' Jenny * Seven Tadpoles * The Bunny Poem * Midnight, Somewheres in August * There's a Silence * And From This Hill: A Requiem * Bent * Under the Dim and Nodding Sky * Let Me Tell You 'bout Weaning' * The Novice * Three Horses Waiting * The Great Hay Yard Assault… * The Feed Truck Blues * Notes on the Clipper *Just Like a Chinook * When Spring Breaks on the Prairie * The Fence * Yearlin' Heifers - Part 1 * He Rides a Mellow Gelding Anymore

From My Father's Horses (2007)
My Father's Horses * This Old Post * Tripod * One Morning at the Gates of Eternity * My Heart's in Montana * I Was Here * Roughstock

From The Night Ol' Flukie Foundered: Scenes from a Western Life (2009)
Two Cowpokes and a Tamper * Star Cavvy * The Night Ol' Flukie Foundered * The Homesteader * Bittersweet and Ervin * When There's Frost Upon the Ponies * Over Yonder



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