My Father's Horses, by DW Groethe

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Often, cowboy poetry isn't necessarily about cows or cowboys, but it always takes a clear look at life on the land. This volume by DW Groethe, a frequent National Cowboy Poetry Gathering invited artist, includes:

I'm * My Father's Horses * Ol' Growler * Lost and Found * This Old Post * Roughstock * I Was Here * Tripod * Every Outfit's Got One * It's Saturday Night * Pockets and Pens * P.S.T. the III * A Cowboy's Education * Rain * Home At Last * Dining Out * Pest Control * One Morning at the Gates of Eternity * Meadowlarks on Fence Posts * My Heart's in Montana * Thigg's Pig * Signs of Spring * "bout time" * Rustler's Lament * Slow Day at Mac's * Second Sense * A Pocketful of Marbles * a flurry of wings * Scarlet Mallow * Fin de Siecle *

Signed by the author (2007)


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