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Merrily Wright
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Merrily Wright "Windmills Lead Me Home" CD


"Songs to irrigate and refresh the soul…" all original songs penned by Nevada rancher/musician Merrily Wright. Includes:  Windmills * Cow Trails * I Love to Wander * Let Me Be a Cowboy * When the Bloom is on the Sage * Onlymeitus * Brush Wars * St. George Move Over * Mark of the Maker * Town Day * He Lifts Me Up * Woe to Those * I Sat By the Pond * They're Comin' to the USA * Serve Him Without Fear * When He Fell Softly * I'm Not at Home * When the Geese Fly In

Merrily is a Deep West filmmaker for the Western Folklife Center, including a song with each video. CLICK HERE to watch "When the Geese Fly In" and CLICK HERE to watch "This Quilt I Made For You."


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