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Ernie Martinez
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Ernie Martinez "Where I Make My Home" CD


An extremely versatile musician, Ernie plays just about every instrument that has strings, and more. He started out in the late 1960's playing guitar and drums. Then, when Foggy Mountain Breakdown and The Dueling Banjos came out, he was inspired to learn 5-string banjo. Soon after, he took up the mandolin, resophonic guitar, and pedal steel. He also plays fiddle, piano, and bass. Ernie is a brilliant musician, inspiring teacher, recording artist, songwriter, and producer, who has been known to join up with bands such as Jon Chandler & the Witchitones to the delight of audiences.


Wind Jig * Swan River Bridge * Whole World Round * Father's Wish * Cast Your Fate to the Wind *Tear My Stillhouse Down * One Lonely Rider * I'll Just Say No * Where I Make My Home * Stymied * Cowboy on the Range * I'll Just Go Away * Measure of a Man


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