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The Gillette Brothers
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The Gillette Brothers "Home Ranch/Cinch Up Your Riggin'" CD


The combination of the first two of the Gillette Brothers' releases into one ~ In 1992, Home Ranch was released, followed in 1994 by Cinch Up Your Riggin', and the rest is history. Many of the songs are timeless classics, and the accompanying musical performances by Rich O' Brien, and the late Alex Stratman, are wonderful as well.  Classic Gillette Brothers entertainment, the songs included are:

Home Ranch:
Diamond Joe *  Little Board Shack * San Antone * Cattle Call * Back Porch Blues * A Room For Teddy Blue * Little Black Bull * Diamond Joe * Cowboy Jack * Dusty Skies * Pot Wrastler * That's The Way The Girls Are From Texas * 10,000 Cattle * North To Kansas

Cinch Up Your Riggin':
The Gal I Left Behind Me * Stayed in the Wagon Yard * Gee, But Life Is Funny * V.H. Porter's First Day of School/Put Your Little Foot * Windy Bill * Cocinero * Billie Vanero * The Bogus Brown * The Chuckwagon's Mired * The Queen Of Diamonds * Those Rides Across The River/Precious Memories * Curley Joe * High Toned Dance * Prairie Lullaby


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