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Connie Dover
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Connie Dover "If Ever I Return" CD


Connie Dover and friends! Joining Connie on this CD are Phil Cunningham (keyboard, penny whistle, accordian, trump, vocal harmony), Aly Bain (fiddle), Duncan Chisholm (fiddle), Manus Lunny (guitar, bouzouki, and boudhran), Iaun MacDonald (Scottish Highland bagpipes, wooden flute, penny whistle), James MacIntosh (percussion), Christy O'Leary (Uilleann pipes) and David Paton (bass). More great celtic sounds, including:

Fear an Bháta (The Boatman) * Lady Keith's Lament * Peggy and the Soldier * Ned of the Hill * The Holland Handkerchief * La Fontaine (The Fountain) * Mally Leigh * Who Will Comfort Me? * Miss Lillian Williams * How Can I Live at the Top of the Mountain?(1997) Taylor Park Music, Inc


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