Such is the Life of a Poet...

Lots of laughter at a 2007 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering sessionWe continue to comb the archives for material inspired and informed by 25 years of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. This podcast of Ranch Rhymes features poems from 1998 and 1999.  

Length: 7:27 ~ Listen or Podcast from iTunes.

First appearing in this episode is then-12-year-old Shaun Perisho who lives near Placerville, California, sharing his own definition, "Cowboy Poetry Is..." from the 1999 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering; followed by a poem about the Gathering by longtime Owyhee, Nevada, school teacher Nora Couch as recited by Betty Vaughn at the 1998 Gathering; and an original take on the muse of the cowboy poet from 5th-generation eastern Washington rancher/farmer Dick Warwick, as recorded during the 1999 Gathering.

This podcast was drawn from the Western Folklife Center's archival audio material.