How Cowboy Poetry Got Its Start

Canadian cowboy poet, Frank GleesonAs the Western Folklife Center gears up for the silver anniversary of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering next January, Ranch Rhymes will "turn an inward gaze" to the genre, exploring our archives for poetry and song that is specifically about Elko, the Gathering, and the tradition itself, starting with Frank Gleeson's aptly named poem, "Cowboy Poetry."

Length: 4:22 ~ Listen or Podcast from iTunes


Canadian poet Frank Gleeson's performance of "Cowboy Poetry," a quick reflection on how cowboy poetry got it's start in one cowboy's life, was recorded in Elko in 1997. Over the coming months, we will periodically feature artists who also have taken inspiration from the whirlwind that is the world of cowboy poetry.

This Podcast was drawn from the Western Folklife Center's archival audio material of National Cowboy Poetry Gathering performances.