Wildlife Photographer and Artist Mark Hayward Exhibits Work

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Wildlife Photographer and Artist Mark Hayward Exhibits Work<
at Western Folklife Center's Wiegand Gallery

Elko, Nevada—Elko Wildlife Photographer and Artist Mark Hayward presents Living Landscapes: Wildlife and Habitat of the West in the Western Folklife Center’s Wiegand Gallery, November 11 to December 24, 2012. More than 50 of Hayward’s western wildlife and habitat prints will be exhibited in the gallery. Subjects range from the delicate immature Rufous Hummingbird to the massive Coastal Brown Bear of Alaska. Hayward finds beauty in and connection to all animals he photographs and paints—especially the young, such as Red-tailed Hawk chicks and Mule Deer fawns. Rare and always elusive animals like the Kermode Spirit Bear of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia and the coastal species of the Gray Wolf on the Alaska Peninsula lead Hayward on expeditions to capture these living wonders on camera. Hayward’s work in the exhibition will be for sale.

There will be an opening reception Friday, November 16, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Wiegand Gallery in the Western Folklife Center, 501 Railroad Street in Elko. Edibles and beverages will be served and live music by South Wind will fill the Gallery. Everyone is welcome and the reception is free.

Hayward’s wildlife photography and paintings are meant to be emotional and depict the inherent dignity of the subjects. Being outdoors and observing nature’s creations is a timeless experience. Having a camera in hand gives Hayward a chance to bring home and give deserved attention to wildlife and its habitat. Sharing with others might then awaken an awareness that will help to preserve what he believes is essential to humankind’s future.

Although traditional drawing and painting has occupied Hayward since childhood the use of the computer as easel and pallet has opened up infinite possibilities for his expression. The last year, Hayward has been exploring the digital medium to paint, in a traditional style, wildlife images that begin in thought and vision in the field photographing the animals and their habitat. A selection of Hayward’s digital wildlife paintings will be on display in this exhibit.

Living Landscapes: Wildlife and Habitat of the West can be viewed on www.haywardwildlife.com. Just click on the Wiegand Gallery tab to enter the online exhibition. This exhibition is co-sponsored by the Western Folklife Center and Mark Hayward.

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Photos available on request.