Great Basin Basket Weavers

Great Basin Basket Weavers Exhibition Items Great Basin Basket Weavers
Western Folklife Center Wiegand Gallery

July 12 ~ December 10, 2011

The Great Basin Basket Weavers exhibition showcases hand crafted seed beaters, winnowing tray, spoons, bowls, cups, burden baskets, bug baskets, baby rattle, storage baskets, cradle boards and cradle tops, made largely from materials native to the Great Basin region including buckskin, willow, tule, redbud, and bracken fern. Weaving techniques used include coiled, open twine, diagonal twine and closed twine.  This exibition was funded by the Nevada Arts Council.

Great Basin Basket Weavers Exhibition ItemsWeavers represented in the Great Basin Basket Weaversexhibition include the late Eva Dick Piffero (Western Shoshone), Nancy Green (Western Shoshone), Lillian Sanchez (Duckwater Shoshone), Jenny Dick (Yerington Paiute/Shoshone), Bernice Steele (Goshute), Sandra Eagle (Northern Paiute/Shoshone-Bannock), the late Robert Baker Jr. (Northern Paiute), the late Theresa Temoke (Western Shoshone), Elizabeth Dann (Western Shoshone), Webb Brady and the late Elizabeth Brady (Western Shoshone), Leah Brady (Western Shoshone), Sage Dunn (Northern Paiute), Evangeline and Delbert Holley (Western Shoshone), Charlotte Bacoch (Owens Valley Paiute), Everitt Pikyavit (Southern Paiute/Goshute/Chemehuevi), Ennis Peck (Mountain Maidu) and Mike Williams (Northern Paiute).

Tule Duck: Mike Williams, WeaverThis exhibition of contemporary basket weaving was curated by Western Shoshone basket weaver Leah Brady to coincide with the Shoshonean/Numic Language Reunion XII held in Elko, Nevada, July 12-14, 2011. The reunion brought Shoshonean/Numic speaking tribes together to promote, revive, and share tribal progress, language, and cultural programs from each of their native communities.

Large Burden Basket: Leah Brady, WeaverCradleboard: Charlotte Bacoch, WeaverClick here for more information about contemporary Great Basin Basket Weavers.