A Tribute to Brian Winter: Will James Collection

1930 1st Edition of Lone Cowboy, by Will James. Item EX1112 for $200.00 

A Tribute to Brian Winter: The Will James Collection

Western Folklife Center Wiegand Gallery
501 Railroad Street
Elko, Nevada

August 4 ~  December 11, 2010

This exhibition paid tribute to the memory of Brian Winter, past president of the Will James Society. The Western Folklife Center was proud to be a part of the 18th annual gathering of the Will James Society in Elko, September 30 - October 4, 2010. Charcoal art, Rider at Night Around Tent, by Will James
Pen and Ink, Riderless Horse (Cutting Steer) by Will James Will James is most known as an artist and writer of the American West. Born in Canada in 1892 as Ernest DuFault, he left home and family at age 15 and traveled west to find his dream. He became the American cowboy, Will James.
His talent for drawing and writing, coupled with injuries from too many rough horses, soon led Will James from the working cowboy life to that of a full time time artist and author. In all, 24 books of Will James' self-illustrated stories were published. Dust jacket - Book cover of Young Cowboys, by Will James

Items from the exhibition were available for purchase. Sales of this Will James artwork benefitted the work of the Western Folklife Center and the Will James Society. Visit our Gift Shop at 501 Railroad Street, Elko, to purchase Will James books that have been exclusively reprinted by Mountain Press Publishing Company.

Canceled check from Elko

Title: Canceled check from Elko


Riderless Horse, 1923

Title: Riderless Horse
Cowboys North and South pg 152
1923, Pen and Ink

Here's to you, old Dooggie, by Will James

Title: Here's to You Old Dooggie


The Horse Fell, by Will James 1936

Title: The Horse Fell
From Scorpion, pg 109
1936, Pen and Ink

Little Cowboy Roping a Chicken, by Will James

Title: Little Cowboy Roping a Chicken
Pen and Ink


Rider at Night Around Tent, by Will James

 Title: Rider At Night Around Tent
1924, Charcoal

No Money to Pay Help, by Will James

Title: No Money to Pay Help
From American Cowboy, pg 157
1941, Pen and Ink


Will James art in Scribner's


Title: Will James with Scribner's
From American Cowboy, pg 157
Pen and Ink

No Head for the Time Being, by Will James

Title: No Head for the Time Being
1941, Pen and Ink


To Mother and Dad, by Will James

Title: To Mother and Dad
1926, Pen and Ink

Still Life (Mug and Vase), by Will James

Title: Mug and Vase Still Life
Yale University Art School
1921, Oil


Will James Drawing Board

Will James Drawing Board, signed
by Will James 1932 and gifted to
Joe DeYoung, who gave it to
Dick Flood in 1968


This exhibition and related programming was made possible through the generous support of the Nevada Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Union Pacific Foundation and individual contributions to the Western Folklife Center stakeholders and members.

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