Western Folklife Center Video

The Western Folklife Center is committed to harnessing the power of media to further its mission of celebrating the diverse cultural heritage of the American West as Founding Director Hal Cannon and Producer Taki Telonidis create films that reveal the artistry, innovation, and humor of the people who live in "the great wide open."
All Western Folklife Center productions are available to purchase in the Western Folklife Center Gift Shop, 501 Railroad Street, Elko, Nevada.


The Western Folklife Center’s Media Office newest documentary sheds new light on an affliction as old as war itself: something we now call Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Healing the Warrior’s Heart is a public television special that examines the emotional trauma of war through the prism of Native American tradition and ceremony. Enter.

National Educational Telecommunications Association Award- and Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards-winning music documentary, Red Rock Rondo, is an anthem to one of the West's favorite places, Zion National Park, and was part of the park's "Century of Sanctuary" centennial celebration. Enter.

Why the Cowboy Sings, a 2002 television documentary,  was awarded a Rocky Mountain Emmy Award for Best Feature Program. A high definition adaptation of the film is shown in the Black Box Theater of the Western Folklife Center's Wiegand Gallery in Elko, Nevada's historic Pioneer Hotel. Enter.

The mission of Deep West Video is to tell first-hand stories from the rural West that are rooted in the values of life on the land.

Beginning in 2002, the Deep West Video program (originally Ranch Communications) has been a showcase for short, first-hand videos of western life produced by rural Westerners. Meet the Filmmakers.


We invite you to watch our gearmaking videos on our YouTube channel. Our online exhibition is currently closed for maintenance. When it repopens, you can watch western master craftsmen working with leather, silver, and rawhide, listen to poems and music, and more: Back at the Ranch - an Artful Life
In 2010, The Western Folklife Center re-released its 1994 video capturing the irrepressible spirit of the 10th Cowboy Poetry Gathering. This DVD includes performances by South Dakota cowboy poet Bill Wood, Nevada cowboy poet Waddie Mitchell, Montana rancher and cowboy poet Wallace McRae, and the western music of Don Edwards, Ian Tyson, Michael Martin Murphey and more.