The Commemorative Pin of the 30th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering

The 2014 Commemorative PinARTIST STATEMENT:

Designing the pin for the 30th Gathering was a passion project for me. I felt strongly that the pin should be both reflective and representative of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering and of the way of life that the Gathering brings together. The history and traditions that are passed down so well through poetry and song are especially symbolized by Northern Nevada so I knew I wanted the state to have a place on the pin. The reata encircling seemed like the perfect unifying motif for the design. The inspiration for the “Great Basin Woman” on the design came originally from my mother and grandmother but was also inspired more generally by the many hard-working women who call this western region home. For so many, home is a place that exists in the heart and the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering represents that. The cowboy way is a welcoming one, open for all, where what you care about matters, not where you are from. For me, the dress, work, and traditions of the western rangelands live on in the people here and in the hearts of people all over. So I felt it was important to have such a strong embodiment of the cowboy way be centric on the pin. Can’t wait for the next 30!

-- Bekah Klarr