Traveling Exhibitions

The Lingo of Our Calling: The Legacy of Cowboy Poetry

The Lingo of Our Calling: The Legacy of Cowboy Poetry offers a glimpse into the ranching world through the lens of cowboy poetry and related art forms. This exhibit invites you to hear firsthand from working cowboys and to explore the enduring beauty and spirit of their culture, presenting cowboy poetry, music and gear, paintings, photography, posters, and quilting. Recordings of recitations of the poems appearing in the exhibit bring them to life. Short films featuring the art and work of contemporary ranchers offer insight into the culture from the perspective of those working day-to-day on the land. A small, traveling library of selected volumes provides an opportunity to delve further into cowboy poetry.


Trailing the Year: The Human Landscape of Sheep Ranching in the American West

Sheep, dust, and herdersWorking with sheep is one of the last handcrafted occupations with ancient roots and traditions. While the business of sheep ranching has evolved, the fundamentals of raising sheep have remained much the same for thousands of years. Sheep herding and ranching provide a hands-on, independent life, where workers shape their daily existence according to the cycle of seasons that defines their work.