Jim "Curly" Musgrave: December 13, 2009

To watch Jim "Curly" Musgrave perform you might think that here was an artist who, with an incredible voice and expert guitar-playing, was totally focused on putting it out to the audience, but there was much more to Curly. He was the rare artist who connected with you in each conversation in every performance. We interviewed him for our What's in a Song series on National Public Radio about his song "Escalante Adios," about the loss of rangeland to a new National Monument in southern Utah. He told us that when singing the song in the area, "I notice how many actually grieve with me as I perform this (song)."

Curly passed away due to a brain tumor on December 13, 2009. He was raised in Alberta, Canada, but moved to California where he lived in Lake Arrowhead with his wife Kathleen. For a spell, Curly was managed by the late and legendary Cliffy Stone, who said, "there ain't an audience that Jim (Curly) won't like or win over with his pickin', singin' and down-to-earth way of goin'." He is best known for his performing partnership with Belinda Gail.

Listen to the NPR piece about "Escalante Adios."