Charlie Colombe
1938 ~ 2013

Charlie Colombe, Facebook photo fileCharlie Colombe of Mission, South Dakota, passed away June 9, 2013. Charlie was the keynote speaker and a featured panelist for the1995 Cowboy Poetry Gathering, bringing his personal stories and experiences as a Rosebud Sioux cowboy and rancher to the event’s Native American ranch culture focus. Charlie grew up on his family’s ranch on the Rosebud Indian Reservation and as a young man excelled as a bronc rider on the professional rodeo circuit.

His leadership and good nature were legendary and led him to be a successful businessman and president of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. In his keynote, Charlie spoke about his great grandfather’s generation, when wealth was measured by how many horses you had, and what kind of person you were was measured by how much you could give away. He went on to speak about the importance of horses in his personal life’s journey and being in a position to ultimately gift horses to many young people on the Rosebud Reservation to help further them along in their journey.

Our thoughts go to the family in this time of loss.
Listen to, or read the transcript of the keynote address, "Indian Cowboys - Then and Now."  Read about Charlie Colombe's life and legacy in the Native Sun News  online.
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