Bud Shaul Saddlery logo in lieu of photoBud Shaul : July 31, 2012

Master saddlemaker Bud Shaul passed away on July 31st, 2012, in Yarnell, Arizona. The Western Folklife Center had the pleasure of working with Bud most recently as part of our Southwest Ranch Country exhibition opening at the 2012 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Visitors to the Gathering were treated to a stunning collection of Bud’s leather artistry and collaborative work on loan from his dear friend Patrick Sullivan.

Like many gearmakers, Bud was initially self-taught and then honed his skills through a short stint at Hamley & Company’s saddle shop and input from other saddlemakers. Many of his early saddles were made for buckaroos working for the Spanish Ranch in Tuscarora, Nevada. Before moving to Arizona to work, Bud made his home and workshop in Kuna, Idaho. He left a legacy of handcrafted work to be treasured by customers throughout the country.