Ranch Communications

What do you get when you put new digital technologies in the hands of people living on the land in the American West? These short videos are just a sampling of the powerful stories that are coming out of the rural experience as part of the Western Folklife Center's Ranch Communications and Deep West Videos programs. Ranch Communications premiered in our 2005 online exhibition Back at the Ranch: An Artful Life and was made possible through the generous support of Dick Burton, the R. Harold Burton Foundation, and the Dick Burton Foundation.

Ins and Outs of Ranching / 6:28

A tour of ranch gates and fences, and their personalities.
Susan and Peter Church. 2004

Searching for Heroes - A Tribute to Leroy Horn / 11:18

A tribute to a revered horseman. Linda Bunch. 2003

A Beautiful Pair / 4:00

A tribute to Oregon rancher and cowboy Merlin Rupp by his daughter.  Ronda Van Norman. 2003

Sometimes on the Right Kind of Morning / 6:24

A story about the challenge of focusing on small things amid the vastness of ranch country. Carolyn and Linda Dufurrena. 2004

Linda and Carolyn shared their thoughts through online journals.  Read them here.

What is a Leppy? / 5:48

A story about ranch calves abandoned by their mothers.  Peter, Susan, Andrew, and James Church. 2003

A Letter from Home / 11:29

A letter from a ranch mother to her son serving a tour of duty in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division. Produced in 2003, Robin Boies says “when your kid goes off to war and might die, you face your own mortality as well as theirs, and it puts things into perspective.”

Robin shared her thoughts through an online journal. Read it here.

It’s Just a Small Town Fair / 5:17

A documentary about the Elko County Fair. Tracy Mori, Peter and Susan Church. 2003

Pay Day / 4:05

The year’s work culminates in shipping day on the ranch. Shammy Rodriguez. 2004

Welcome as a Spring Rain / 10:07

The emotional and environmental effects of drought and how one ranching family endures. Peter and Susan Church. 2002