What's in a Song

In our National Public Radio series What’s in a Song, we explore the tapestry of America's musical diversity one song and one story at a time. Each installment exposes the meaning of a particular song through passion and story. Songwriters, singers, and those whose lives have been changed by song are our guides, and their words are woven seamlessly with the music to illuminate the musical traditions in America. The series is funded by the generous support of the R. Harold Burton Foundation and the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation.

A Prayerful Song of Thanks


 Kristina Olsen, photo courtesy of the artist    

Songwriter and troubadour Kristina Olsen says she was seeking perspective when she wrote her song Prayer Flags, our latest What's in a Song that aired on NPRs Weekend Edition Saturday,  December 29, 2012.

Length: 3:07 ~  Listen.


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Geoff Mack: I've Been Everywhere

Geoff Mack, courtesy of artist's website      

What's In a Song
09/30/12 NPR Weekend Edition Sunday
Length: 2:56 ~ Listen

There are very few songwriters in the world as lucky as Geoff Mack, and he’s the first to admit it. About 50 years ago he had an idea for a song that became a hit in his native Australia, before becoming a sensation all over the world, including in the US. In fact, most Americans are surprised to learn that I’ve Been Everywhere was not a home-grown creation, but rather was written Down Under by a man who had never stepped foot in America. We learn the story in the latest What’s in a Song, which aired on September 30th, 2012 on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday. 

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