The 24 Hour Show

In 2005, the Western Folklife Center's gaze turned south to one of the largest groups of people at work in Nevada - the people who staff the casino and entertainment industry. The 24 Hour Show highlights this legacy of work through people's stories as the describe what they do and why their work is meaningful to them. The 24 Hour Show was a 22-part radio collaborative documentary project between the Western Folklife Center and the Nevada State Museum & Historical Society. Other partners included Nevada Public Radio, the City of Las Vegas Centennial Commission, the working community of Las Vegas, and other statewide and local groups. The 24 Hour Show was funded in part by the Las Vegas Centennial Commission.

Welcome to The 24 Hour Show

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In this first show we introduce some of the people you will hear throughout the series and we examine certain themes that emerged as we spoke with residents of Las Vegas about their work and experiences.

Length: 4:49 ~ Listen