Ranch Rhymes: Cowboy Poetry and Music

Ranch Rhymes: Cowboy Poetry and Music from the Western Folklife Center is our first podcast, offering great poetry, music and commentary, and available here on our website and over iTunes, Odeo and other media services. Recordings and photographs are drawn from the Western Folklife Center Archives, and listeners who have joined us in Elko for the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering will recognize some of their favorite performers.

Unfortunately, due to financial considerations, we had to suspend production of Ranch Rhymes as a search for sponsors was unsuccessful. Until such time as the Western Folklife Center can resume podcasting, you can listen to all the past podcasts here and you can download them from iTunes. For more information on podcasting and the RSS feed, click here. Special thanks go to the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Dick Burton Foundation, the R. Harold Burton Foundation, Anne Pattee, and the GRAMMY Foundation® for funding support of the Western Folklife's audio preservation program, enabling us to make these archival recordings.


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