Deep West Video

The mission of Deep West Video is to tell first-hand stories from the rural West that are rooted in the values of life on the land.

Since 2000, the Western Folklife Center has been working with people from throughout the rural west to produce short videos about their lives on the land. Using the tools of digital communication, these home-made productions are simple yet elegant; they are not glossy and commercial, but from the heart. Meet the filmmakers. Our YouTube channel features earlier videos, and some videos have been selected for sale in the our Gift Shop: visit our online gift catalog

Deep West Video 2015 is supported by the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust, the R. Harold Burton Foundation, and Western Folklife Center Stakeholders:

A reinactment of a legendary cowboy story from the Duck Valley Indian Reservation. Filmmaker: Isabella Pasqual.

A young student explores the legacy of service in the U.S. military on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation. Filmmaker:Devin Baker.

The Braves are the mascots for the Owyhee Combined School, and the source of great pride on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation. Includes an interview with basketball coach Joey Thomas. Filmmaker: Gage Johnson.

A unique perspective on long-distance running from the Duck Valley Indian Reservation. Includes an interview with Antoinette Cavanaugh, past Elko County School Superintendant. Filmmaker: Destiny Max.

A survey of the occupations and crafts on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation. Filmmaker: Talliah Hanchor.

A heartfelt remembrance of rancher and philanthropist George Gund. Filmmaker: Amber Miller.

Filmmaker and bull rider Amir Beardsley hits the road with his buddies in search of wild rides.

An appreciation of an Ecuadoran farmer and textile artist by his neighbors. Filmmakers: Gregory Collett and Loni Workman.

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Past supporters of Deep West Video have included the W.K. Kellog Foundation, George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation, and Barton Family Foundation.