Deep West Video

"Our Field of Dreams" by Andrew Church,
sixth generation Elko County, Nevada rancher
A 2013 Deep West Video
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The mission of Deep West Video is to tell first-hand stories from the rural West that are rooted in the values of life on the land.

Since 2000, the Western Folklife Center has been working with people from throughout the rural west to produce short videos and slide shows about their lives on the land. Using the tools of digital communication, these home-made productions are simple yet elegant; they are not glossy and commercial, but from the heart. From its beginning as the Ranch Communications program, Deep West Video was born in 2005.

Beginning in 2010, Deep West videos are viewable on our YouTube channel. Some videos have been selected for sale in the our Gift Shop: preview them in our online gift catalog. Meet the filmmakers, Capture your own story and be a part of our Deep West Videos program.

Deep West Video is supported by the W.K. Kellog FoundationR. Harold Burton Foundation, George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation, Barton Family Foundation, and Western Folklife Center Stakeholders.